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Two alternating lanes of the Beltway 8 Frontage Road, both Eastbound and Westbound, will be closed under SH 288.

Detour for Eastbound Frontage BW8 Traffic:

Turn right onto SH 288 Southbound Frontage Road, then U-Turn at McHard Rd. Take SH 288 Northbound Frontage Road, then turn right onto Beltway 8 Eastbound Frontage Road.

 Detour for Westbound Frontage BW8 Traffic:

Turn Right at the SH 288 Northbound Frontage Intersection. Make two left turns at Almeda Genoa Rd to access the SH 288 Southbound Frontage Road. Then turn right onto the Beltway 8 Westbound Frontage Road intersection.

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