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288 Makes Strides Towards the Finish Line

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More to come for Southmore Bridge:

Beginning Monday, April 23, 2018, at 5am to Spring 2020.

The Southmore bridge will remain closed for the reconstruction of the bridge. However, access to the frontage road will be open and accessible. The Drive288 Project will remove the temporary asphalt, replacing it with sod, and will begin drill shafting* at Almeda Rd and the SH 288 Frontage Road for the new bridge.

Multi-highway construction projects are occurring simultaneously in the Houston Metro area, so TxDOT and the Drive288 Project want to stress to travelers to #KnowBeforeYouGo. Check social media feeds and local news stations for traffic advisories before heading to your destinations.

Southmore FAQs

1. Is the Southmore Bridge coming back?

  1. Yes! Though the Drive288 Project has demolished the existing Southmore Bridge, we will be erecting a new bridge in its place.

2. Will there be a temporary bridge or pedestrian bridge in the meantime?

  1. No. There are no plans to create a temporary bridge at this time. Please check or follow us on social media to find alternative routes to this closure.

3. How long will construction last?

  1. We’ve begun on phase III of the construction for Southmore Bridge. This phase will last approximately through Summer 2020. 

4. Has construction on the bridge already started?

  1.  Yes, we are now in phase III of the construction. See above for more information.

*A Drilled Shaft is a deep foundation that is constructed by placing fluid concrete into a drilled hole. Click here to see a Drive288 drill shaft in action!

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