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The flooding and destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey was an unprecedented catastrophe in the city. Homes were destroyed, families were forced to seek shelter, and damaged highways were non-functional for weeks. The city of Houston has since rebuilt, restored, and lent a helping hand to its citizens, but there are still many families who are displaced or rebuilding. The latter is true for some employees of the Drive288 project.

Meet Syntoria Flagg. Born and raised in Louisiana, Syntoria joined the commuting ranks of Houstonians nearly a decade ago. Initially working in the Oil & Gas Industry, Syntoria began weighing her options when the industry took a drastic downturn. The plummeting cost of oil caused many companies to panic, taking rash measures to stop the hemorrhaging cash flow. Because of this unstable environment, Syntoria decided to leverage her existing skillset and apply them in the Construction industry. Having worked in the field for two years, as well as being a regular commuter on SH 288, Syntoria recognized the potential of the Drive288 project and wanted to be part of the amazing transition that would take place over the next few years.

Prior to Hurricane Harvey, Syntoria and her family ate, slept, played, cooked, and lived in the same home for eight years. Due to the events of Hurricane Harvey, their home suffered damage to the structure of the house: roof, walls paint, sheetrock, and carpet. On top of that, their family lost furniture, storage units, yard equipment, and additional belongings that added to Harvey’s tally. But thanks to the help offered by the Drive288 Project and the Association of General Contractors, much of their home has been repaired and they have replaced lost items.

“I love how our AGC family pulled together their time and resources to help so many of us who lost so much during Hurricane Harvey,” says Flagg. “The AGC grant helped us recover expenses we incurred as a result of the damage.” Syntoria also called out the kindness of one Drive288 employee in particular, Raynese Edwards. “[Raynese] was relentless in referring us to any additional resources that became available. I would receive a couple emails [from her] per week, as well as stopping by my office if she heard of a resource we could possibly benefit from, she passed on the information.”

Syntoria commented on the overwhelming support of AGC, Drive288, and BTG. “Having a work family like AGC reminds us that there are still people in the world who are concerned about others in time of need. I am grateful! Thanks again for your support!”

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