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This January, two members of the Drive288 field team were commemorated by the City of Houston for heroic acts of bravery and protecting Houstonians’ interest. This all stems from a news story that broke late 2018, when employee Henry Alvarez unclogged a flooded highway drain after his supervisor, Luis Torres, scoped out the situation.

Keeping his ear to the ground, Luis Torres reached out to Henry to act quickly after discovering that loose debris caused by inclement weather clogged a drainage grate on SH 288. Due to the flooding, Henry was unable to use his car to get to the problem spot. Leaving his vehicle and proceeding on foot, Henry walked a quarter mile to the drain to clear the debris causing the delays. Once removed, Henry stuck around to ensure no additional fragments caused interference with the drain.

Not knowing he was caught on tape, Henry came home to see his face on the local news. Being called the Drive288 Hero by ABC13 reporter, Deborah Wrigley, both Henry and Luis have been acknowledged by the City of Houston for their efforts. All commuting public of Houston also extends their thanks and gratitude to these men for their quick thinking and swift action.

To see more about Henry’s act of bravery, check out the video below.


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