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DBE Spotlight

Lazer Construction Company, Inc.

Because Drive288 is dedicated to enriching the communities around our project, we value employing Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) when choosing subcontractors. Of the project’s $815 million budget, $97.8 million is specified for employing certified DBEs. This quarter, we are featuring Lazer Construction Company, Inc. as our DBE Spotlight. Lazer Construction is currently responsible for the excavation and hauling of 800,000 cubic yards of soil, as well as base and asphalt for detour lanes to keep the freeway moving during the Drive288 construction.

Lazer Construction is a civil construction company that has been in business since 1992. The company works all around the greater Houston area, as well as in Beaumont and Galveston. As a certified DBE, MBE, and SBE, Lazer Construction certainly qualified to be hired from Drive288’s DBE budget. However, the owner, Ousley Lacy, was quick to point out this doesn’t mean getting the contract was easy.
“Yes, the certification can help get you in the door, but you must prove yourself and be competent,” said Lacy. “You must be able to present your credentials and be capable to perform. Be persistent!”

Lacy credits his company’s success to both their moral and ethical backbone, as well as their commitment to new and evolving technology. Between their hard work, and the dedication to provide customers with the most efficient new technologies, Lazer Construction ensures their customers are satisfied. By fostering a positive company culture that results in happy employees with low turnover, Lacy and his team are able to maintain the factors that makes their company great.

“As a native Texan- who moved to Houston in 1978, I’ve been driving 288 for more than 20 years, and I’m glad to be a part of Houston’s expansion,” said Lacy. “Drive288 has been fair to work for, and I look forward to working with them through the end of the project.”

In addition to the Drive288 project, the Lazer Construction Company has been a part of projects for Dynamo Stadium, IAH Airport, George R. Brown Convention Center Superbowl Improvements, the Houston METRO light rail, UTMB, and Beaumont ISD.

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