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Understanding Toll Zones

SH 288 Express Toll Lanes are comprised of three tolling segments.

Toll Zone 3:
Between Beltway 8 direct connectors and Pearland
Includes Toll Gantries 4, 5, 6 & 7

Toll Zone 2:
Between IH 610 direct connectors and the Beltway 8 direct connectors
Includes Toll Gantries 3, 8, 9,10 & 11

Toll Zone 1:
Between US 59 and the IH 610 direct connectors
Includes Gantry 1 & 2

At key decision points along your route, you will be given advance notice on pricing, guiding you on whether or not to continue using the Express Lanes.

Drivers also incur toll charges for each direct connector ramp being used. For example, if you are traveling from Pearland to IH 610, you will use the IH 610 direct connectors and will be charged for driving Toll Zone 3, Toll Zone 2, and the connector ramp from SH 288 Northbound to IH 610 Eastbound or Westbound. Therefore, you will incur three separate toll charges for each zone and connector ramp used.

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