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Exempted Vehicles

The following vehicles will be exempt:

  • Authorized Emergency Vehicles as defined in Section 541.201 of the Texas Transportation Code
  • Marked and recognizable Military Vehicles
  • Recognized public agency buses (including any public-school buses)
  • Vehicles with qualifying veteran license plates (as provided under Minute Order 113682 of the Commission, as amended or supplemented from time to time)


Military Vehicles

Drive288 offers free passage for clearly marked and recognizable Military Vehicles and conveys and does not include personal vehicles owned by active or retired service members. For vehicles that are not clearly identifiable as military vehicles, an invoice will be sent to the address associated.

Disabled Veteran Vehicles

Your vehicle must display a qualifying license plate in order to be eligible for exemption under the Veteran Discount Tolling Program. Although an tolling account is not required, it is highly recommended for greater access and convenience. Qualifying vehicles may travel the Drive288 express lanes at zero cost. Per Texas Transportation Code 372.053, eligibility is limited to vehicles which are:

1. registered with the State of Texas
2. displaying the qualifying specialty license plate for any of the following:

Disabled Veterans
Purple Heart recipients
Medal of Honor recipients
Legion of Valor recipients
Vehicles which are not eligible are required to pay the applicable toll.

To see examples of qualifying Texas license plates, please visit and select “Specialty License Plates.”

Texas Transportation Code § 372.053, adopted by the State of Texas during the 2009 Texas Legislative Session and amended in 2013, authorizes Texas tolling entities to offer discounted or free tolls to Texas-registered vehicles with qualifying specialty license plates for Disabled Veterans, Purple Heart recipients, Medal of Honor recipients, and Legion of Valor recipients.

Vehicle Classifications

The Drive288 Express Lanes utilize an axle-based classification system. The toll rate you pay is based on the number of axles on your vehicle. Multiply the base toll rate with the Class Factor associated with your vehicle.

Find your Class Factor associated with your vehicle in the table below.

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