Sims Bayou Project

Travel Advisory: Sims Bridge Abutment Wall Repair Project

An upcoming essential repair project for the Sims Bridge north abutment wall is crucial for ensuring its safety and integrity, with our top priority being to minimize travel disruptions during these necessary repairs.

The repair work will unfold in five phases as shown below. Each phase is projected to take 3-4 weeks to finalize.


2023.09.05 Phases png

Recognizing the significance of your daily travel routine, we are dedicated to minimizing any disruptions caused by this essential repair work. Our overarching aim is to ensure the utmost safety for all commuters while achieving the project’s objectives with efficiency and efficacy. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this period and want to assure you that our team is fully committed to completing the repairs with the least possible inconvenience to your travel plans.

Phase 5

Phase 5 requires the closure of the right lane of the southbound general purpose at Sims Bayou for a period of 3-4 weeks.  Completion of Phase 5 is estimated for March 4, 2024, however we are working diligantly to finish early, weather permitting. Check back for updates.

To manage the congestion in the Toll Lanes, Phase 5 requires the closure of the southbound IH 610 entrance ramp into the Express Toll Lanes during the afternoon peak periods, as needed.


Please check back regularly and follow us on social media for updates on future phases.


Why are we doing this work?

The central focus of this repair project entails the installation of a new abutment wall to provide advanced protection to the bridge structure. To achieve this, it is imperative that the work be executed from above, necessitating the removal of specific sections of pavement. To ensure that the traveling public encounters minimal inconvenience, we have meticulously designed a plan that divides the project into five distinct phases.

We want to assure you that we are taking all necessary actions to address the situation effectively. The failure of the north abutment wall structure and the wing wall is believed to be the result of negligent actions by third parties. We have initiated legal proceedings to hold these parties accountable for the required repairs. We are committed to complete the necessary repairs as soon as possible.

Lane Closures and Closure of Toll Lane Entrances:

Throughout the course of the repair work, temporary lane reductions will occur in both the general-purpose lanes and the toll lanes. The extent of these reductions will be contingent upon the specific phase of the project. To prevent potential traffic congestion and minimize disruptions during your journey, we will be implementing partial closures of entrances into the toll lanes during peak morning and afternoon hours. These closures will be tailored to each phase's requirements.

Project Timeline:

Anticipated to span a period of 3-4 months, the repair work has been carefully scheduled into five manageable phases. Our objective is to complete the project with efficiency and mitigate its impact on your daily commute.

Toll Rates:

The Express Toll Lanes could potentially be oversubscribed due to the increased demand because of the construction. The prices will therefore not be reduced as this will result in the over subscription of this service.

Closing of Toll Rate Entrances:

The Express Toll Lanes could potentially be oversubscribed due to the increased demand because of the construction. As the Express Toll Lanes have limited exits, drivers could therefore be caught in extensive traffic delays with no ability to exit. To avoid these extended delays some entrances to the toll lanes will be closed during peak periods, allowing drivers to explore alternative options.