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Toll Me About It

SH 288 Managed Lanes use variable congestion-management pricing to help manage traffic flow and provide faster, and more predictable travel. Based on real-time traffic conditions and demand in the corridor, SH 288 Managed Lanes prices will fluctuate periodically throughout the day to maintain a consistent traffic flow. As traffic levels and demand increase, the toll price changes to keep vehicles moving. Once traffic volumes drop, the price goes down.

Feel at ease and know the fees. Learn about the pricing of your tolls before you hit the road. See the downloadable pdf below.

Download the complete Drive288 Tollway Pricing Guide

SH 288 Managed Lanes Toll Rates

Weekday Southbound Tollway Lanes

Weekend Southbound Tollway Lanes

Weekday Northbound Tollway Lanes

Weekend Northbound Tollway Lanes

Weekday IH 610 Direct Connectors

Weekend IH 610 Direct Connectors

Weekday Sam Houston Tollway Direct Connectors

Weekend Sam Houston Tollway Direct Connectors

Vehicle Classifications

The SH 288 Managed Lanes utilizes an axle-based toll rate. The toll rate you pay is based on the number of axles on your vehicle. Multiply the number of axels on your vehicle by the base toll rate to find your total rate.

See the table below for a more detailed look on Vehicle Classifications.


The SH 288 Managed lanes will not offer any discounts to drivers except for those eligible to participate in the HCTRA Veteran Discount Tolling Program. As written in section 372.053 of the Texas Transportation Code, vehicles registered with the State of Texas that display a qualifying specialty license plate are eligible for a discount.

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