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The Drive288 project takes great pride in establishing an inclusive work environment, with a team of workers that reflects the uniquely diverse community of Houston. In one of the most male-dominated industries in the world, we deeply value the hard-working women whose diligent work on the project is unparalleled.

On this edition of Women in Construction, we highlight Sara Henningsgaard. Raised in Damascus, Maryland, Sara is a civil engineer and a graduate of the University of Minnesota. With six of Sara’s siblings also being engineers, engineering is a sort of family tradition for the Henningsgaard’s. Her father, who also happens to be a civil engineer, served as a role model for Sara, developing in her an early passion for the field.
“Engineering was the family business, but fortunately, I enjoyed the technical disciplines in school and the problem solving that goes along with being a civil engineer,”
said Henningsgaard.

From college student to intern to field inspector to project manager, Sara worked her way up her organization and now serves as an important piece of the Drive288 project, subcontracted with Roy Jorgensen. With over 12 years of engineering experience, she has also worked on several other major highway construction projects, including I595 Express in Florida, I70 in Colorado, and I495 Express in Virginia.

“This [civil engineering] field continues to be an enjoyable challenge and has always been a good fit for my skill set and personality,” she said.

The Drive288 project appreciates diligent workers like Sara, and she is just as appreciative for the cohesive atmosphere on the team.

“What I enjoy most is the diversity of disciplines that are involved and required on such a large-scale infrastructure project (construction, operations and maintenance, PI, finance, etc.),” said Henningsgaard. “All these project components need to work collaboratively to achieve project success. This exposure also enables me to continue to learn outside of my core skillset.

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