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Cruise Control

Your new commute is here. The SH 288 Express Toll Lanes Expansion Project will implement improved functionality of 10.3 miles of SH 288, from US 59 to the Harris County line at Clear Creek. By constructing four new toll lanes, both Northbound and Southbound, traffic will flow at an unprecedented pace. Because of this new toll infrastructure, established toll operations, and highway maintenance, SH 288 will handle the city’s rapid growth and travel needs better than before.

Latest Closures Updates

Nightly, from 10/8/20 at 9pm – 10/9/20 at 5am
The IH 610 Westbound direct connector to SH 288 Southbound will be closed. Detour: From IH 610 Westbound exit and U-Turn at Fannin St onto the IH 610 Eastbound Frontage Road. Merge onto IH 610 Eastbound to access the SH 288 Southbound direct connector.

Nightly, from 10/7/20 at 9pm – 10/11/20 at 10am
Two alternating lanes of SH 288 Northbound at the Reed Rd intersection will be closed.

Daily, from 10/8/20 at 9am – 10/9/20 at 3pm
The right lane of SH 288 Northbound and Southbound Frontage Road at the Almeda-Genoa Rd intersection will be closed.

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