Drive288 Current Rates

Learn about toll pricing before you hit the road.

Safe and Sealed Prices

Are you concerned about the price changing in the middle of your commute? Don’t be. Drivers only pay the rate displayed on the Toll Rate Sign when entering the Drive288 Express Toll Lanes. Toll rates are based on the day of the week, time of day, and historical utilization.

Feel at Ease – Know the Fees

Average prices vary and are typically higher during weekday rush hour periods and lower during non-peak periods and weekends. Find today’s pricing below.

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What is a Toll Gantry?

A toll gantry is a structure used to automatically collect electronic payment for tolls using a transponder on your vehicle windshield. The toll gantries are located on the main toll road (main lane toll gantries) and on the direct connectors (connector gantries).

Vehicle Classification

The Drive288 Express Toll Lanes utilizes an axle-based classification system.

The toll rate you pay is based on the number of axles on your vehicle. Multiply the base toll rate with the Class Factor associated with your vehicle.

Axle Count Image


Questions on toll rates, initate a toll distpute or any other customer service question.

Call (281) 875-3279
(Operated by HCTRA)

Want to report an after hours issue on the toll road?

Call our Information *Hotline* (888) 328-8622

(The hotline is an answersing service for roadway issues only and is not able to answer questions about toll disputes.)