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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a toll tag?

Drive288 Express Toll Lanes are entirely automated with no toll booths.
An active transponder from an interoperable agency is required to drive the toll road. Any trips on the lanes without an active account in good standing will result in a toll violation invoice. You can find more information on our Interoperable Agencies page.

Where do I pay my tolls?

For all customer service requests, including paying tolls, disputes, toll rates and account information,
please contact the Harris County Toll Road Authority.

Harris County Toll Road Authority
Customer Service Hours
Mon – Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
281-875-EASY (3279)

Disabled Veteran Plates

Drive288 Express Toll Lanes honors free tolling for disabled veterans plates that are registered in Texas.
Vehicles which are not eligible are required to pay the applicable toll. For information check our DV Plate Page.

Military Vehicles

Drive288 Express Toll Lanes offers free passage for clearly marked and recognizable Military Vehicles and convoys and does not include personal vehicles owned by active or retired service members. For vehicles that are not clearly identifiable as military vehicles, an invoice will be sent to the registered owner.


Update your vehicle registration information if you move. By law, statements must be mailed to the vehicle owner at the address listed in the state’s vehicle registration records, even if registration renewal notices go to a different address. If you have moved, update the mailing address on your Texas title download Form VTR-146 to update the address on your vehicle title.
For more information, please visit TXDMV.

Why are toll rates higher during peak periods?

Drive288 Express Toll Lanes uses time-of-day congestion pricing to manage the flow of traffic and provide road users with a faster and more predictable travel alternative. To maintain consistent traffic flow, SH 288 Express Lanes prices fluctuate periodically throughout the day, based on traffic conditions and demand in the corridor.   

When are rates updated?

Traffic flow is analyzed monthly and toll price schedules are updated regularly to accommodate historical changes in traffic conditions. As travel demand increases, the toll rates are increased to ensure highway speeds are maintained. If traffic volumes drop, the price is reduced. 

Drive288 constructed new direct connectors to allow for ease of travel between the Drive288 General-Purpose Lanes and the Sam Houston tollway. Toll rates for the Sam Houston direct connectors does not change by time of day and are only adjusted in January of each year. These direct connectors are not owned or operated by HCTRA. 

How to connect to the Collections Agent.

If you have received a collection notice for tolls on the Drive288 Express Toll Lanes please contact Perdue Brandon Collections.

Email : to***@pb***.com

Phone: 832-777-3259

Perdue Collections Website

Brazoria County Roads

For information on the Brazoria County toll road, please visit their website.


Questions on toll rates, initate a toll distpute or any other customer service question.

Call (281) 875-3279
(Operated by HCTRA)

Want to report an after hours issue on the toll road?

Call our Information *Hotline* (888) 328-8622

(The hotline is an answersing service for roadway issues only and is not able to answer questions about toll disputes.)