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Toll Me About It

The Drive288 Express Lanes uses time-of-day congestion-management pricing to help manage traffic flow and provide faster and more predictable travel. Based on traffic conditions and demand in the corridor, Drive288 Express Lanes prices fluctuate periodically throughout the day to maintain consistent traffic flow. The toll price schedules are updated regularly to accommodate historical changes in traffic conditions. As traffic levels and demand increase, the toll price changes to keep vehicles moving. Once traffic volumes drop, the price goes down.

Safe and Sealed Prices

Are you worried about the price changing in the middle of your commute? Don’t be. Drivers only pay the rate displayed on the Toll Rate Sign when entering the Drive288 Express Lanes, even if the price changes shortly afterward, drivers will only pay the rate displayed when entering.

Ready to get on the go?! Click below to start your Drive288 Express Lanes journey.

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